Operation:  Break The Mold (BTM)

Man.. I feel like a MAN!
B!sh, move on!  I’m lining up objectives to be checked off my list.  Call them “Activities OF DAILY LIVING!”  I woke up, ate yogurt and fruit out of a cup, washed my scruffy chin, stood up 20 times lasting a count of 20 each, hit the bag and pumped some biceps curls.  I considered doing some shrugs where it’s obvious and deemed a positive, then FOLLOWED THROUGH!

Yes, I see my laptop is bleeding color from it’s screen, snap your fingers to yourself, let me see you do it.  Dre came knocking and I answered the door.  I plan on cycling, walking it out and reloading with some high caffeine coffee masked to taste like caramel, today.  I’m “LIKE” Yoshi, spitting shells.  I plan on picking up some dip bars between today and tomorrow.

My girl “A” LOVES me and supports everything I do.  I meet with counsel tomorrow to blow off some steam and increase that cash flow!  This post is short and sweet.  Watch my feet shuffle then throw it in my duffle.  My muscles quiver holding that pose and I know she’s stuck trying to inhale some air to breathe again.

The “Listen Up” Book

Preface: intro to how evidence in my life proves referencing “inanimate objects” surnames and aliases can help you.
1. Example
2. Example
3. Example

Conclusion – introduce tbi, my story and relate, talk about stigma…

Ok, Staple,
Say less only when I’m trying to concentrate on taxes and stuff. Every second in between there should be warm comforters, and bliss. I twist these ends together like a twisty tie. There. I know why I continue to shine on youuuu. I see the results that are personal to me I’m trying desperately to take myself out of the situation but I’m trying to be positive either way I just need to get better. I hope she sees me shine on her thoroughly.
I’d really like you to grasp the fact that sometimes following your heart is the best thing that you can do. Uh ohhh!
I, Kyle love to love and I’ve had to hide that in the past. Every time I said no, I was hoping you would get quiet, look me in the eyes and help put A next to B and C me through my confusion and lack of a way to get ahold of you directly.
I still want to communicate, sweetheart. Write to me

Geez babe, that loving that you speak of.. I could really use it tonight. I had a jam-packed day. I may have done a bit too much actually. 
After showering and getting through my morning ADL’s, I worked out inside, I worked out outside, I had therapy, I ran to WM and snatched a pack of cut off tees, I compared prices til I walked out holding the cheapest style they had. I came in wearing plaid. I checked every window. I shut every blind. I stood behind the come up of boy Jeeves. Jesus came first. They continue to put me to bed in a tomb too. I look around and get my mind on deck. Hick e’s knuckled deep hurts donuts. In the hole goes my golf ball. Not watching tennis cause all they do is hit balls. I am a hole in one. 
On paper I get wronged cause I print my real savage feelings out loud. They don’t know if they’re allowed to reel in a big narrative Then I wait like 10 hours and pray she texts me over night. I love waking up to her losing her breath. We incite riots, play trial, pay ourselves to lift. Look like biff and sit dawg. Jump reading my flow. I grow where it matters. In the pocket pool diving. Trying Kyle ING mailing markers look like prison attendance sheets. I’m Kyle not in a seat. I wreak. I pray you don’t notice I’m not coming out with any secret agenda. I’m trying to actually find a wife. Yea fly kites and cut the rug. I love ya sugar britches. I’m glad you listen to everything I don’t say out loud or take a selfie with, smiling. 

See, if I got paid for the work I do do. Laying down cause I’m tired doors, locked. No walker. Stuck in bed til only god know when 

I wish you were here champ. We both used to dial each other and hang up ALL THE TIME.   SQUEAKY CLEAN PEOPLE DIGUST ME too. Come on, be real. Steal the spotlight and conquer fright cause you meta-cognitively are mta more than able to label these geeks peaking. I’m leaking tears for you steers.  I’m avoiding half the freaking world these days. Just wait til the end. I’m ascending pulling brothers and wives up out of the goodness of my heart. I realize dodging drama sometimes looks like detachment. Move on. I’ll yawn.