Hey there, team! Coach Kyle Keech here, and I’m fired up to share something truly special with you. We’ve got an opportunity to make a real impact and show our strength as a team. Listen up!

I’m thrilled to announce that the IM ABLE Foundation is hosting its 12th Annual Duathlon, and I’ve assembled the toughest, most dedicated squad to dominate this challenge together. That’s right, we’re TeamIBK, and we’re ready to bring the heat!

This event is all about pushing ourselves to the limits, both physically and mentally. We’ll be combining running and biking to conquer this duathlon like true champions. And I’ve got a specific role for each and every one of you. I’ll be leading the charge on the cycling leg, pushing through 6.5 miles of pure determination!

But here’s the deal, team. It’s not just about the race. It’s about making a difference, showing our unwavering support for the IM ABLE Foundation and their mission to empower individuals with disabilities. We’re going to rally together and raise funds to fuel their incredible programs and initiatives. Let’s show the world what we’re made of!

Now, here’s the game plan. The IM ABLE Foundation has set up a dedicated page for the 12th Annual Duathlon. Head on over to [] to get the full scoop. You’ll find everything you need to know about the event, including registration details and key information. This is where we’ll rally our troops and make our presence known.

But we can’t do it alone, team. We need your support and your voice. Spread the word on social media like wildfire. Share why this event matters to you and include the link to the duathlon page. Let’s use the hashtags #IMABLEDuathlon, #TeamIBK, or #ImpactKyleK to ignite a movement. We want others to see our passion and join us in making a difference.

I know we’ve got the strength, the drive, and the heart to make a massive impact. Join TeamIBK or support me as I lead the cycling charge. Your participation and support will be the fuel that propels us forward and changes lives.

I want to take a moment to acknowledge the incredible support from the IM ABLE Foundation. They’ve given us this opportunity to show what we’re made of, and we won’t let them down. Their dedication to empowering individuals with disabilities is unmatched, and together, we’ll amplify their mission.

Stay tuned for updates on our training progress and the impact we’re making. We’ll be sharing stories of resilience, celebrating milestones, and showcasing the lives we touch. This is our time to shine, team!

Thank you for being a part of this unstoppable force. Your belief in our cause and your commitment mean the world to me. Let’s strap on our helmets, lace up those shoes, and show the world what TeamIBK is capable of!

Feel free to adapt and deliver this message with your own coaching style and passion. Let’s bring the energy and make a lasting impact as TeamIBK!

This years crew will consist of Andrew, David and myself. Donate personally and SHARE so others can make this a lasting difference!  Thanks!

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