With your best intentions always at heart…

We’ll initiate the downward, relaxing technique.
We’ll spiral upwards, Miss.
I guess this IS what’s it come to. We must misdirect all the banks snarling.
We won’t get caught hinting to the hint of liquor on her breath
We have immunity, full blast.

Be my guest. Type my name in. All you’ll get is a picture of me making the arrest. Across her desk. Flexing. Best. I’d check you out but I will never get exed.

PAY CLOSER ATTENTION WHEN I SPEAK. The grass is getting greener growing under your feet. In this week’s edition of Kyle On A Mission, allow me to point you North. All extra cents and remaining balances sitting on the side, make sure you collateralize that weekly in your account so when you’re not flying glory, you’re dropping wet noodles and foundation for your next step.


  • Dolores T Cortkessa

    I sure can’t make heads or tails out of what you’re saying, but all I know is a pretty good I have to really sit and you know I’m old remember I I really can’t go in with his new stuff but I know you’re doing really good and it’s amazing what your writing but I don’t understand it I guess it’s called rapchat or is it just called I don’t know but anyway I just want you to know that I read it it was really good I don’t know what you said but I read it you know my mom I love you

  • Stephen Wayne Keech

    Good post

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