“All I Do Is Win”

Sorry princess, you kind of asked for it. Is it me? Do I bring out peoples’ true colors? I’m over here staying busy. Whatever you are out there doing ashaming yourself is on you.( “It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.”)
It’s a song!!!!! Relax! Awww, trembling in tears already? Buck up, y’all woulda picked up on these “unbased feelings of resent” 8:28 if y’all would have sustained a cloud of open communication that you so domineer-ing-ly pushed upon me. Teach me the differences between listening and hearing!? CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!? (Don’t read the final update or two on yesterday’s post unless you want your panties wet too)

Thanks for the LIFT tonight, Shawn!

09/24/20 – 3 ascents very quick.

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