Hey morning dove

You know I still long for you like crazy every morning and pray you stop by every nightfall. I’m sorry my subtle clues were so misleading.
When I wrote down I was uncomfortable yet, I really wanted you to try comforting me more. When I pushed you away, I wanted held tighter. My eyes aren’t the best. If that was you actually winking at me, I thought you had something in your eye.
I give that list of antagonists hell every morning. In the last 35 minutes I got out of bed, my slippers on, the coffee perked, and poured.
I enjoy looking forward to you surprising me. It’s yet to happen and in today’s world, it might be a shut door for all I know. Just try reaching out to me or stopping for a cool drink of water. I’d love to reconnect and get on a level playing field where I don’t feel I need to ask for forgiveness. Thanks!

Go ahead, stay foraging for berries. When you’re ready for it, my garden is robust and definitely needs some TLC!

“Oh ya.. I got that ability needed to see both sides of an argument. I’m trying to stay mindful and put energy into attracting you back into my life daily. And I’m sharpening my spear AT&T all the time. So really.. if you’re gonna ask me again do you love me ima be rude, lip you again and say I hope we stay in touch.

Would it have been possible to say I really appreciate you at night when I’m not even here?. My dad is real. You’ll get to know him quick. As long as you think of me like you said too, hard.

Bet is my comeback, I’m kyling. I’m trying to put what’s important to me first and then progress gets in the way. God is the true reason I’m alive. I take credit more than I should to build myself up. I haven’t seen people I grew up with in years. My lane has nothing to do with worldly joys. My lovebone has been broken because you know the A.D. she told me my love was too much for her ass to cover for anymore.

I’m at a unique position where certain people in my life encourage me to look for love while other “people” shun me when I’m shining. I end up diming them out cause I feel let down.”

(SIDENOTE: In MY personal opinion, I support protestors right to voice their feelings about things. These looters, anarchists and rioters though y’all need to check for spotting. You’re a f#cking disgrace)

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