Joyfully Centered

Well it’s Sunday and I’m warming my arm up to pitch this 7th inning!!! It’s hardly the high-performance week I’m reflecting on that’s got me glowing but the week that’s about to start that’s exciting me.

This week’s training should start Monday evening with LEGS in the crosshairs. Tuesday, CHEST and TRICEPS. Saturday, I hit BICEPS AND BACK. On another note, the locals I’ve connected with over the past few weeks, that are super-enthusiastic about sharing the Word, stopped by Saturday. We are planning to stay in touch this week and catch up again next weekend if everything pans out. Mathew 6:9-10, more or less looks like a tutorial on how to pray. It covers the Lord’s Prayer, The Our Father. Knowing my personal prayer practices, I’m happy to know I’m not too far off with fromal guided reverence and thanks. I should be climbing Thursday evening this week.

Post + Gym, Monday (3+ hrs)
CRT + Gym, Tuesday (4+ hrs)
Rest Wednesday
CRT + Climb, Thursday (4+ hrs)
Conscious Networking, Friday (3+ hrs)
Gym, Saturday (2+ hrs)

That is another notch in my belt!! 16+ hours on the clock this coming week!!!

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