Back In Action – 07/17/2017


“Okay Team…”  Consider it thinking ahead, but putting getting corporate sponsors in the back of your head seems sensible right now.  That means your place of work, your mother’s place of work and even your father’s place of work is more than ideal when searching for sponsors, supporters and team members.  Join MY TEAM @!

Leave that there, MOVE ON!  Good, now let’s focus on this week.  Jams are already playing, on Facebook you may have noticed I put LEGS out there as a possible routine for tonight.  I’ll TAG our newest Champ Braeden Mann in this post and ask him what he’s thinking about astonishing the world with.  This IS all part of my long-term plan if you’ve forgotten.  Yes, “the” plan has evolved over the past weeks. months and years, but it’s GROWING to incorporate more individuals, relevance, GROWTH and MOMENTUM.
















The list of PROVIDED ROUTINES above only covers part of what joining our training team offers, so you should really think about letting us add to the IMPACT you bring to the gym every week.

Today, I plan on practicing speaking while recording.  I promise you, video tutorials, motivation and clips BY ME will be part of what I bring to the table sooner or later.


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