Self Control

What better way to help you maximize output than to grind it into your head that YOU ARE IN CONTROL? There, we said it. To us, that means a few things.

The DISCIPLINE to know that YOU WILL SUCCEED, you have that.
The GRACE to recognize the only person you need to be better than IS THE YOU OF YESTERDAY.

Want to pump harder? Tell your body to do it.
Want to circle PR every single time you’re in the gym? Do it.
Want to stand on your own, break free of those straps and harnesses? GOOO!

Research on self control didn’t provide many resources related to rehabilitation and gym time, but I did see it relating to martial arts.. Conditioning is conditioning.

Dragon Gym

After the intro, IN BOLD were the words “SELF CONTROL IS ABOUT CHOICES, NOT ABILITIES.” “In martial arts (PHYSICAL FITNESS TRAINING)…” Good, we’re on the same wavelength. They think about self control as an allotted amount, “a bank” if you would. Their analysis revolves around asking yourself a few questions as needed.

  • What do I need to do/accomplish today?
  • What do I want to do/accomplish today?
  • What will I do?
  • What will I NOT do?You’re right thinking that some resting time after a session is necessary, but that’s on you to make certain you get. If you decide to not give yourself a needed recharging period, be prepared for others to call you out/ and or hold you to the same standards as when you’re full of energy and chomping at the bit.

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Forgive us for telling you “SELF CONTROL” is your responsibility, but when future posts touch on the topic again realize how important “accountability,” “responsibility” and “self control” is.
“RISE AND SHINE!” is all we’re going to say. Sleep when you’re dead. There is no time like the present to move forward with life. You’re never going to get any momentum moving in a positive direction unless you START MOVING.

We call that staying GOAL ORIENTED. Sure, after nights in the gym some people are SO tired they clam up and choose to isolate themselves. We consider that a choice.

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