“Yo dawg, I’ve been tying and tightening this noose around my neck for far too long!  That ends, or starts to change today!  Yea bro, I’m still shaking in my boots dealing with these “supposedly helpful links.”  This is a new path to the same goal homie.  I want to conversate, flirt with and date the most beautiful woman I know without fearing my world falling apart.  I’m tired of feeling like I’m being eyed up in a pair of crosshairs!  I’m bringing lighter fluid with me next time I come.”

On this page, I hope to feel safer showing my vulnerability, with you able to “x” out the less appropriate, unskilled, too unguided words, before you deliver and share my heart on a silver platter.  ok!?


(There are soo many butterflies in my stomach right now, even talking to you dawg!).  Let’s get this caccoon cracked.  I need to come clean!  I love individuals so much it gets others hangry, jealous, warning me of irrational consequences, and me crawling on my knees kissing people who don’t deserve it’s asses.
Yes, you’d think room for error would be abundant for me.  I hold myself accountable for other people’s low energy, problems, paychecks getting signed, negativity and poor communication skills.
I’ve been putting my take on things out in public view for over a dozen years.  Bet, the only way any of it gets read is if people find it rough to their soft mindsets.

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