Dear Princess, Prince Charming here!


Hi “Belle,”
Beast, here!
I do love you.
Please communicate.

Ugly stepsisters and hangry townspeople scare me.
That’s it though.  Try me.
I want to prove my heart beats harder, my mind circulates fondness, and I do most of everything thinking of you.
I’m glad you let me sniff your hair so I don’t have to rely on my weak eyes signing different colors to me.

I’ll get you a picture of me flexing asap so you can print it out and shove it in your diary for safekeeping.
I wish I didn’t have to hesitate writing about my feelings, but I feel the blades of axes lopping my head off in my dreams.  I don’t look forward to going to sleep un-cradled.

I wish your arms were long enough to meet while hugging me.  That way you could lock your fingers and never let me go.
I do tend to cut humans off when I don’t feel as supported as I feel I could be.  I promise, once that line of communication starts up, I’ll stop talking to my walls.  Find me, in person, please.