A World of Hurt

E5BB9059-BFD7-459B-BB58-3816BB3443CBThis page will HOPEFULLY uncover some deep cuts in me that I feel are still hindering me/ standing in the way of development, or at least adding to my personal self-consciousness/ undue nature of hesitation. 

That’s my aim at least.
If you know me at all, you’ll most-likely agree that I, Kyle Keech take pleasure in throwing as much of myself and those around me under the bus, to encourage and spur as much rejuvenating growth as possible.  DON’T BE A SISSY!  If I wasn’t open to criticism and banter I would not be as open or as receptive as I am!


  1.  I DON’T LIKE getting shots.
  2. People scare me.
    (Chances are they’ll overreact!)
  4. I have a tendency to MAN UP before others.
  5. I researched REPRESSED EMOTIONS on 05/14/2020. I don’t like how much I identify with point after point on this page:(https://www.healthline.com/health/repressed-emotions#why-it-happens)
  6. I’ve broken undeserving hearts 💕 because I was scared of others overreacting.
  7. I HOPE to be pleasantly surprised ALL THE TIME.
  9. I let the fears of others, irrationally lessen my Grace, Peace of Mind and affectionate manner. 
  10. I love you.

What impacts your comfortability with people?
I trust people too quickly. I am very willing to be intentionally vulnerable to a fault.

Most Recent Instance:
I let myself become vulnerable.
I began to grow feelings.
I shared what made me uncomfortable and found out I had built up a wolf in sheep’s  clothing. I got taught a huge lesson. Vet people. Most everything I was told was a trap.
She FIBBED about her age.
She exaggerated  about her father being wheelchair bound.
She hid about how she felt for me. I was taught just how easy I can be shoved into the “NO KYLE!  LOOK AT THE GROUND!” annihilation mindset after that.
She had me finding faults in others honesty.
In the end she taught me to not be so inherently naive that I let myself forget about my values. I am thankful for enjoying that lesson. It has taught me the value in biting my tongue and letting things go. I was made to look like a fool.





Chased Women

I see you whiling, trialing and Kyling these days. Don’t sweat it. I stay seeing the better life we could have been living together every day for I paid the price today, yesterday and surely tomorrow’s cost’ll be covered.

You flew from my hand like a dove. I did want to you to help me shove my fears aside, I wanted you to see me as enough. Be free with you as you zippered down your dress. Not be scared by ppl besides you making me look out for myself. I’m just guessing but it probably is too late starting from behind.

I’m away from the entourage right now and it helps me to keep the door open knowing you were so into looking forward to tomorrow

I thought you knew that

05/26/2020 “Hey Sugarbits,”

Excuse me ma’am, today’s love letter will be signed with a red pen. I’m looking forward to whole entire industries that have nothing to do with me, or this post woefully thinking they have room to stand! (Wapa!)
I’m shaking my *ss like a saltshaker cause I’m red in them eyes, I got anvils dancing on my chest and I got my crossed arms bent cause it helps me flex. Like a fly, I swarmed in and out of that kitchen, brewing 12 cups of coffee before the alarm/ auto start even went off.

It’s called a progress-induced mindset fool! I’ll fly high above you all later, count on that. If it is not about or addressed to you, you have no room to get blue. This is exactly how I explode all over the scene. I’m not coming out anything but clean.
What’s very reinforcing is readers claiming nobody reads the dire warnings of missile control. I’m too busy hammering and redefining this body of steel over to create a broadhead tip. Happy, happy, happy mornings happen when I have silence except my raps, J’Quellin at her house and that termite named Hurry upstairs.

Keeping levelheaded is a whole new field to master if you ask me and this forum creates a plane I am not afraid to fly into a mountainridge! I’m CONSTRUCTIVELY writing, recording music, creating art and raising this wooden benchpress bar above my head trying my best to stay fit/ lit/ out of it flawlessly.

Shoulders up, shoulders down.. shoulders up, now down, uhh! I don’t know – when this world’s gonna end but I know one thing – this is the life for me!
Ya, I miss that dimepiece I knew in my dreams as lady B. I gave her a ring and got chewed out by a nurse. I’m stable-minded to a T. I enjoy backpedaling to come up smoother. Got it, Dozer!?

God’s been showing His face a lot lately. Prayers getting answered one after another showed us all deliberate prayers work out too!  Don’t worry about a thanggg!


Ridin’ Dirty! See me Rollin’ Tryin to catch me ridin dirty!




I called your phone last. Somebody chewed me out.

Let it go!”

I rest my case.