Dw, I got this!

Ya, I feel like a fool, but it’s not my fault that nobody told me certain people like to skip away from things and go get married ASAP. That would have helped me so much. I’m so happy for you, friend.
Yesterday, when I was STILL under the impression that things were STILL in the oven being tenderized, I was recounting how it wasn’t you so much in the crosshairs/ consuming too much of my energy STILL, it was the euphoria I experienced thinking things were different. (NOT my fault!)
While I’m at it though, I’m going to work with these scraps of meat to stay fed, ambitious and slightly euphoric by choice.

#tipsmyhatagain Thanks again!

“Two step and let your shoulder leann….”
(Doing a victory lap with my arms raised like Rocky!)


Healthy motivations are a good thing.  I’m doing the best I’ve ever done even as the world slows down.  I better keep my eyes open, I need a new homeslice!  #Itsbeenletgo

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