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I am waking up with a clean slate this morning!  Falling into THAT WORMHOLE again today IS tempting.  ACKNOWLEDGED, MOVING ON!

What’s worse?  Thinking they’re up to date and ignoring what you type OR knowing they’re falling behind and not saying a word because that email was in their junk folder?  This is being identified as a stressor today so hopefully tomorrow I can sleep in past 5a.

Hearing vs. Active Listening will be today’s topic of discussion.  To me, Active Listening really comes down to simply talking, first.  Putting context clues together is something I am not good at.  I hope whoever would benefit from hearing that hears it and connects the dots.

I feel safer skirting around certain topics, people, hopes and wants.  If you’ve ever owed respect to somebody for how well they treated you and instead got nervous not knowing certain facts before putting your walls up, you might feel exactly how I do. 

I have group for 4 hours today.  I’m refocusing those energies.  Ha!  Yesterday, in session, we poked at my long-held understandings that LOVE = ENERGY.  It is a bit laughable how I feel tethered when I miss context clues, but I’m the only one who gets backhanded when I read other nonverbal cues better than most.

Takes 5 BIG STEPS BACKWARDS.  I’m intimidated out of treating people lovingly.  That’s ANOTHER one of those topics I’m picking up, moving to the other room and locking the door on, this morning.

This entry is a perfect example of metacognition, looking at things from an outsider’s analytical perspective.  You’d think I’d get some props for that?  Hell no!  I’ll tell ya what, a little more positive reinforcement would take me to another level.

All I want to do right now is whisper sweet nothings to specific people and help them see they have everything inside them to achieve everything they want.  I will never get that chance/ I’ll get to look forward to ruminating on this for the foreseeable future.  Keymasters that intentionally avoid the cries of apprentices working their @sses off and hold out on nutrients and vital fuel storage are in their position because they’ve put the time in.  Remember that.  Remember, your turn is coming so be ready!  Look forward to “rules” changing only when it suits them.

STOP DWELLING, KYLE!  Pull out your d!ck.  Write poetry.  Be mindful.  Define your life by how others feel.

Apple of my eye, I can’t wait to hear that crisp, succulent, skin ripping sound when I bite into your flesh.  I’ve had to recalibrate my longshots to not even sail past the wardens post.  I’d favor your blessing and sights seeing my efforts but that, queen is full of risk and unsupported travels. 

Ma’am, fancy damsel, do not lose faith please.  I’m still working to move Heaven and Earth to align us finding moons to resettle on together.  Thanks!



“Cutest girl in the world… I hope you try assuring me I have nothing to worry about expressing myself or telling you how much I do care for you.”

and just like that…

Meet Regina!

02/14/2021 – Valentine’s Day!

Let’s settle this once and for all.

IN MY HEAD, God is Love and God is Energy, therefore Energy and Love are the same!

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