Pardon My Reach.9/1

Comfort my worries, please!  That’s all I ask.  Talking softly, MIGHT help.  Assuring me I’m safe, MIGHT help.  Using watered-down language (asking ime f I LIKE you vs. all the made-up trouble I’ll get into saying I LOVE you, MIGHT help).

I am still trying to manifest some confidence into my bones, over here.  I proposed that topic of study in group yesterday.
Just the fact that I’m “plotting these points” in my development shows my eagerness. I am 33 and in the prime of my life as far as I see it.  I already have touches of that sexy grey-ness in certain areas.

Just this morning, I breathed through a whole adult-sized error on my part!  (FAT FINGERS)


I’m man enough to admit I WANT MORE.  I’m man enough to admit I WANT to be considered.  I’m man enough to admit I WANT to be guided through certain social interactions and I’m man enough to admit that I WANT softness. 
Putting past hesitations behind me is a big step!  I wish I felt like one wrong step didn’t equal people never being seen again.  I STILL care too much.

That’s it for today!