Advocacy – “A TBI POV”

“Standing up for what suits your development better.”  Time is not a renewable resource.  Don’t be brushed to the end of the priority list because you don’t take offenses sitting down, lightly.  Stand up for yourself as loudly and proudly… and publicly, if need be, that you can.  “That’s how winning is done!”  – Rocky Balboa

Do it daily.  Listen to yourself better if you don’t feel listened to.  People’s attention spans are also a limited resource.  Stand up for taking an active role in your treatment. 

Feel ignored?  Speak up.
Feel like you’re held to a different standard?  Speak on those feelings.
Feeling left behind?  Feel like you have smarter ideas?  Possibly more efficient methods to arrive at what matters to you?  ADVOCATE for your personal viewpoints being taken more seriously.

#damnit!  I am an “individual” with over 20 years of first-hand, hands-on experience living the life of a survivor. 
I’m a bit tired of listening to guidance from people who have no idea what it FEELS like to deal with all I do, being misdirected and protected from the world to the point it damages potential.

I. Adulting

Good luck being taken seriously when you suggest taking a more active role in personal responsibility, relationships, knowing what would serve you best and alike. That’s a hard truth.

Tiptoeing around external sensitivities can drain you. Be mindful of how much energy you put into trying to convince others your heart is pure, you have everybody’s best intentions in mind and you’re seriously not going to take any of their overreactions lightly anymore.

Money, and financial freedom/ income:
Healthy friendships/ relationships and networking:
Building Personal Health and Strength