The Literary Mindset

Whether we know it or not, even our darkest moments in life can be drastically hindered, depleted or improved upon just by how we perceive those times.

Got a rough story to tell? Got “trauma” you just can’t put into words that others can relate to?
Stop sweatin’ the small stuff! Nobody is asking to be dragged down reading through pity parties. Invite, literally invite “bystanders” to experience a second in your life. Share the joys you see. Remind readers, every ounce of tolerance you exhibit is adding up to create one resilient, un-affected, tough as nails, hustler that does not need to be nourished, pampered or set to the side and treated dfifferently to succeed. Have some dignity!

Exercise no. 1 – Use your imagination to catalogue the thoughts running through your mind as you slowly awake to beeps and sensors going off waking up from a medically-induced coma.

You have been critically injured beyond your wildest dreams. You can’t move a muscle. All you see is a hazy room with familiar faces popping in, blowing raspberries. You can’t make heads or tails of anything. You can’t remember the last time you smiled or if you’re even able to crack an expression people can actually see.