The LionHeart Diaries

Week 1 – (06/23/2021)


Gem, I did

I valued your input,
I cherished your glow.

Your rigid exterior is understood.  I will surround you mesh cloth if I ever find a way to un-tomb you.


Good morning!  It is 5 minutes of 8:00 Friday morning.  Today has been a great day so far.
I woke up,
Drank some fluids (coffee and water),
Showered independently, threw some shorts on,
Ate a bowl of cold cereal with bananas and blueberries in it,
Did a few sets of curls and shoulder presses with the pink dumbbells (sets of 20 to start)
Flicked on some bitcoin podcasts, listened while drafted poetry, output and credible content.

This morning I woke up with my computer a few feet from my bed.  That helped me I feel.  I was more able to relax and control my train of thought.  I did not dwell on my past insecurities at all.