This past week it occurred to us that ideologies within the gym DO differ. That’s fine, we all have our faults.

Lolll..   But seriously, this week let’s put our differences aside and focus. Does YELLING while lifting aid in output? It never really even crossed my mind, until last night that is. I PR’d benching and not that that’s anything to rub in your face, but near the end of my sets I realized I was counting outloud intentionally to try to regulate my breathing. I got some eyes of course, and some questions but it sparked my thinking whether there’s any studies or research on the subject. Settling into bed for the night my HANDY DANDY GALAXY S4 came to use.


The first article I read ( said something about differing breathing patterns for different lifts. Missing LEG NIGHT earlier this week, last night’s routine was a mix of CHEST AND LEGS. From that article I gather it’s really up to the lifter whether yelling (and grunting) help them push their limits.

The gym I go to is a REAL GYM, I thought.  Until I got called out for telling someone they “sicken me!” Pardon me, if I knew kid gloves were needed, I would have PROBABLY GONE SOMEWHERE ELSE.. but I guess demoralizing should stay in the muscle wear and tear department.

Much of the material on the web concludes that it’s just a show. At WL, we say do what you need to do to push harder, lift heavier weights and maximize potential. Studies are studies, but seeing how most of the content available is opinion-based let’s just grab the mic for a second and say “DON’T LIKE HOW WE LIFT?” “TOUGH. WE AREN’T HERE TO IMPRESS YOU.” Plateaus lifting do happen, but we push through things here at WL.


Ignore moments of weakness if you’re not dying. End of conversation.

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