Secret Agent Man,  (SAM)

Please, just start referring to me as Secret Agent Man 00.1 (“double 0 point one”) today.  I thought you sleuths would have connected the dots by now.  My only, and primary mission(s) revolve around priming the only artillery I have control over.  That and taming the beast within!


I see many areas I can still optimize further.  MY demeanor, especially when at a loss for words, MY tendency to be defensive, MY confidence levels, upping my levels of gratitude and not running from uncertainties.


These areas relate to mostly-social misques and apprehension.  In the past few days, I have grown my exposure in the area 10 fold at least with an app on my phone.

Connecting with someone I’ve met online is still a big hesitation of mine.  I’ve heard wild stories of men and women losing everything trusting the words of others.


Being so eager to flatter, meet, date and wed somebody special does not help my case.  My guns get kissed whenever I look at the growth in mass, increased dumbbell weight, tightening definition and increased strength.

The self-induced levels of intentional vulnerability I holster makes me a huge target too.  I am aware of these facts.  I also know I am tired of talking to my walls.

I have group today.  I am set to show and share my two latest art projects.  I added some blue paint to my existing lightly accented lighthouse and sand picture and I added some blueness to a piece of driftwood found locally to the bayhouse.

Talk soon!


First Effort in this direction, AGAIN