This open document before me is exciting me. Holding you in my hand is a complete thrill. There is so much potential energy with you this close, I am often left speechless. I look forward to painting a smile, super wide on your frontside/ face.
Mama told me I cannot keep you if I want to keep the assortment of dingier rocks, I’ve already collected leading this harrowing trek. I’m going to move forward from now on referring to you as “MY rock,” mk?

Believe me you, “RUBY,”
This unbelievable journey is scary. I feel I am a bit off-course in some people’s minds. I probably do look a bit crazy running through the jungle with my hands over my ears. I swear to you I WANT TO keep you as close to me as I can, safe and comforted. I hope I never misplace you, or practice throwing you if I face a moment of frustration or confusion.