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Kyle’s Financial Plan

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  • Course Correction
    Slight adjustment here, slight adjustment there.  That’s all.  No reason to pout.  Future gym days will NOT revolve around painstakingly pushing my legs.  Doc. C. told me to avoid that, today.  I used the opportunity to request and schedule 2 additional days of outpatient therapy at CHDC though so I am not complaining.  Injuring myself is not worth it was the the underlying message.  Sculpting my upper body and perfecting planks, top priority!  Biceps, triceps, lats and abs, I’m coming for ya!  My bed is calling me!  Send in the reinforcements!  – Kyle New Exercises and Focus Forward Momentum
  • Hopelessly Devoted –
    Ma’am, excuse me, scramming.I’m back to feeling like I have a chance.  If I could communicate to you how much this Hope helps me, you’d be busy bottling up these lightning bugs like a child.  God tells us to love like children.  That’s me, a kid, popping Pop-rocks, drinking fountain drinks and running the bases.The idea of holding hands alone gets my heart beating out of my chest.  I got a lot of sedimentary rocks forming under all this pressure.  Watch out for volcanic activity, baby lion.  Run through the jungle with me.  Let’s leave no traces they can follow to find us.   I’ll mash berries to make war paint.  Tie this torn tee around my temples.  Pierce my skin and draw blood on volleyballs.  Call all the guys waiting in line Wilson and fall back in this handmade..