Hi Amy!

Thanks again for this opportunity to share my insights on the process of coming back stronger than ever before! Ideally, moving forward I’d love to try keeping these points and practices on this page to keep myself organized. (Bookmark this page) Thanks!
I’m nearly 20 years “in the game” now. I may not be strictly giving pointer after pointer on my personal log of successes at KyleKeech.com but I’m in the process of documenting and logging every ounce of energy I put into growing my potential and coming out on top the best that I can.
All recommendations from here on out are what I would do if I were “you.”

Initially, after my accident my business aspirations got me building this growing series of accomplishments. I did go to college. I put that bookwork in. I’ll fill you in on those contacts later if you remind me.
I grew up a wrestler so my knack for self-accountability has always been paramount in my life. That alone reinforces my diet being important to me. You can’t excel physically, mentally or spiritually 100% if your body lacks what it needs to perform. Get those calories in!
Excuse my informal style of writing for it helps me feel sincere. It’s called free writing. I’ve built a big part of my life on that alone. Start a personal log of inputs for free at TeamIBK.com.
My time in the gym amounts to the time left over after eating, writing, praying and growing. Everything else, in my head is more of a distraction than anything else. “Staying in my lane” has been a motto I’ve excelled with for years. That and the idea to “Keep Pushing.” I’m still making progress so know that all the rumors doctors try to discourage you, like the tendency of plateauing, regressing and alike are only true if you let them be. Your success is now in your hands.
Document everything, let that motivate you. Spinning your wheels constantly sounds redundant. That’s exactly how you build strength. Make things work for you. Do not be soft, accepting second best.
I’m currently at the point where I’m coaching myself and a trainee or two at the local gym. We get ours.
Let that writing help you find your passions. If they in turn help you refine yourself/ build strength, confidence and what you think of yourself, so be it.

I’m currently living in my own home, contributing to the bills, growing and helping others, sharing insights. I have a degree in Telecommunications I’m putting to use designing and managing this site as well as doing volunteer work, assisting others with their company sites, networking and exploring what this world has yet to share with me every single day.
My confidence and physical ability increases daily. I took control of my own life trusting my instincts, utilizing recommended patterns and keeping my Hopes high.