Hey Mama!

If you’re here to smile, head to page 2 where most of my poetry can be found.  If you’re up to snooping through my heartaches and processes continue reading!  Bye!

You should see these folk side-eying, squinting and printing MY OUTPUT out to show in hopes of getting me in trouble.


Hey Moana!

Guess what THE BIBLE insists on…  it’s loving every single person as He loves us!

I’m getting sleepy spending entire 6 hour shifts exuding love like I’m supposed to, to only get daggers thrown at me.  

Yes, I wish/pray to God I felt safe saying the word love.   

I wish you, baby, cheerleader would look me in the eyes while holding on to my fingertips.  See that I’m scared to even look at you.  Shush my words. Make eye contact. Tell me not to worry.  Tell me you feel certain feelings for me too. Look at my lips until I realize what’s going on. Allow me extra time please. Bite your lip. 


“I am feeling good this morning. I have therapy at 9. That lasts 3 hours.

Working on talking on the phone IS something I am working on.