Good Morning Secret ❤️’r!!

Most recently, I worked to compile these kinds of notes and poetry, artwork and music later in the day..

Today is Sunday, June 6, 2021. First and foremost, thanks for letting all my recent incomplete works and efforts go.

I get tired early because I get up so dam early.

Time to work on compiling my more beautiful works early in the day again.

I feel I’m coming from a stronger foundation now. I’m less afraid, more confident and more organized. (I regrouped)

I woke up smiling, thinking about you today Ms. Hershey’s Kiss! Yea, I know people would kick dirt at me seeing me using flattery and puffery to such a degree. Do me a favor, tell ‘em I’m in my lane. I feel myself blossoming and them depriving me of such nutrients and hydration does NOT help me shine the best that I can. They in turn leave me scared.

I’m over dwelling over their bullsh!t excuses. Them being miserable has nothing to do with me. You ready to try holding hands and talking yet? Please.