Flexible Thinking Exercise: Romey and Buck’s Big Day


1.  “To further develop my communication skills, I will listen fully before interjecting my thoughts and responses.”

2.   “I will intend to grow my dating presence and precision by conducting research and sampling, with the help of my trusted steed.”

3.  “I will follow directions to the T and shine on any questions arising.”

4.  “I will listen to and absorb experiences catalogued for better background knowledge.”

5.  “I will pay attention and go out of my way to go above and beyond with each activity the safest way I can.  I will list all possible risks and choose the safest route.”

About me

“Hi! I’m Kyle. This page, to start will share some of my literary aspirations. Thanks for stopping by!

I see today (03/10/2021), as the start of the rest of my life. I hope my poetry and scribed fascination with words makes you smile.

Writing, purely creatively even can take you places!

For 30 days now, I have been waking up to record my heart’s purity in its fullest. Listening to my heart and soul first will result in a favored life. Hiding and repressing raw emotions is dangerous!

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