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e-book: ROSES 🌹 (Continued Support)

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Hi. My name is Kyle. I am currently 20+ years post life-changing auto accident.

One of my biggest struggles these days is “fitting in” to this square hole people claim is “socially acceptable” as it relates to charming and nailing down an acceptable mate to build with.

My goal here will be to more clearly document the hopes and passions I am dying to place at the feet of my Queen.

My Latest Posts

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  • Calmness?  THIS is calmness?
    Measured beats in my heart.  Peaceful rhythm and tempo feels warranted.  Riddles, I am not mastered in solving, NOT swirling around in my head..  This feels nice.  Sure, I will smile poking this emberred log with a poker and hope a nearby leaf or tattered piece of yarm lights aflame.  I will do that until the day my eyes close for a final time.  I’m a cowboy baby, so why don’t you kill me? Hopefuls, stay beautiful and breathing, I’m certain to be by your hoedung town in the coming months.  Stay ready.  Gather a watering pail, see that my steed knows where to drink.  I will show off my slingshot skills to the locals.  I will nap under thy blueberry bush.  I will rehydrate far too long.  Have the children gather. I will leave a handkerchief behind to warrant..

  • These Chicks
    Yes!  I feel more savvy blotting a bit of fantasy and fiction on the portraits of my girls in order to delineate fact from fiction, wants from needs, real life from how I’d love life to go and right from wrong. I am metaphorically poking cinders and blowing on ashes trying to resurrect the love and goodness pure to my heart.  “Back up, you’re getting too close to maddening the wolves, Kyle.”“Fine!  Chicks, I’m still way too dedicated, using that energy and love to further define my pecs and hiding in the brush, hoping you look for and pursue me.”
  • Square One Ln.
    Attn:  All You Reese’s Puffs This past week has been one for the record books!  This oncoming freight train of a week looks like it will be another doozy.  If you can, please collectively gravitate towards one side of the bowl.  It’s very difficult for me to juggle all of you with one spoon all at once.  I insist you make it as easy as possible for me now that I’m actually hungry and looking forward to consuming y’all.  #plzzzz #dustmyshoulder During tomorrow’s HOME WORKOUT session, I’ll wipe my chin then spit and stomp it into the ground!  Gym mats, hah, chuckles, one love!  Hoping schedules align I hope to be then heading to check out a piece of gym equipment so I can call in my US postal service reinforcements to get that delivered to my home.  I’d like..