Just touching base

Extend those fingers and reach for the stars, you Mars Bars!  Love life HARD.  Leave ‘em in the ER!  Tar the gaps that take away from the consistency you crave.  Get over missed shots with the best you could have imagined.  Leave the door ajar.  Remind ‘em on a structured schedule that distance is the only thing that separates you.  Move on gracefully not only head, but move on gracefully, heart-strong!

Remind the whole world they “ain’t” seen nothin’ yet!  Rub the sticks together to instill the friction heat needs to survive.  Leave the tallies better organized than ever before.  Brush off the smart remarks, threats of danger and guilt built up after the lifetime noticed spent alone in silo mode.

Mouth the word “hi” and wave.  Give ‘em more than you were ever fed on a silver platter.  Escape the maze.  Focus on your relationship with God, first.

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