Ok, “Babayyyy…”

Okay, “Babayyyy..”
Do it! Look up and research neuroplasticity. I may be chomping at the bit in childlike mindset mode a bit too often but understand that while I’m still youthful I plan on creating a putty like, all embracing and vulnerable brain. Rock solid abs over a rock solid frame of mind suits me. I’m open to learning. My hammock-like embrace defies race. Get off the Pot, Child. Politics is understandable if it’s God-centric. It almost never is so I don’t feel guilty for loading my cannon and firing.
Lounging on a beach in the Caribbean is on our agenda, you betcha! We will lock arms and sip each others’ mixed drink. Facts point to creativity and childlike activity on the ekg increasing neuroplasticity, so innocence, immaturity, discovery and wonder all act in my favor. Laboring, moving mountains one rock at a time makes zero sense. Let’s embrace clapping over our heads, let’s get the crowd rocking and working in unison to move these bricks.

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