Forward Momentum:

Drafted Script:
Good Afternoon, friends! Today is Monday, May 22. 2023. This is episode number one of my new series, “Mile Markers.” I hope to be consistent taping, recording and sharing an episode a week. If things go my way, I’ll be publishing a post on my blog on Mondays, I’ll share a new episode on Tuesdays, Wednesdays will be filled with outpatient physical therapy, Thursday’s I will raising the bar metacognitively, working out and treating myself to a warm coffee and lunch out. Friday’s will be spent focusing on my fitness even harder.

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Drafted Script:
Amber, my rock…
I am ecstatic to be dialing in on someone, something so concrete.  You are open to communicating back and forth.  That’s a great start for us.  We’ve been discussing and plotting potential for years.  No one knows, and that’s how I would rather it be.
I am staying busy, heating, and scorching the blade and points while sharpening them.

This is a new lease on life if you ask me.  Review this whole post.  This is officially going to be my ticket out of an extended headache once a week all while acting as a cinderbox, I plan on reviving sparks from.  I have a few more weeks of outpatient therapy already scheduled.  After that, maybe I’ll get a week or two to recline on a beach somewhere.  Maybe that will be when we schedule our first in-person date, rendezvous.  Peace!

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Under a Keech administration,
You will get yours.
We will embrace dignity.  We will be able to cover next month’s expenses on top of this month’s bills.  You will not feel ashamed for speaking truth to light.  You will be encouraged to fulfill your God-given potential and destiny.  It’ll be encouraged to love every single person.  Race will be embraced.  We will see each other’s strengths before anything else.  Kids will get along.  Mothers will be great role models for THEIR children.
The “government” will stay in its own lane and promote freedom.

Charitable giving and sharing will be encouraged.  Let’s all get ahead!
We will let the strongest of us carry all that they can.  Each day will be a new day.


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