Dear Flowerchild,

AKA Strongman Corp..  Hi, my name is Kyle!  It has been awhile!  Excuse the moniker used not “vibing” with your top notch competitiveness.  I’ll move on.  I am writing to you today to explore potential and seek feedback.
I am a 35 year old athlete/ trainer/ weightlifter/ competition enthusiast.  I am 21 years post life-changing automobile accident.  I’m still on my road to independence from that.  I CAN walk to a degree.  I’m at a point in life where I see myself looking for the next mountain to overcome.  Listening to those around me, you’ll hear ‘em say I need to get off my high horse and relax.  I’ve been at it, beating my muscles to a pulp, resting, eating protein and regrouping for 21 years straight.  Recovery is the name of the game for me.
I would love to discuss possibilities.  I see myself as the perfect spokesman for “lifting to get stronger,” “injury-recovery,” “adaptive athleticism,” “tbi awareness…” and so much more.
My speech is not the best on the phone, but I’d love to connect with somebody representing Strongman Corp about adding to the conversation both ways in time.

My motto has been to “Keep Pushing” since day one.  Check out my blog/ recovery journal and inspiration content at  Maybe sharing links or featuring such chats would catch some eyes and motivate the masses for the better!  I appreciate the consideration.  Thank you!  Kyle

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