Tree Swing

Here, sit your rump on this hanging plank of wood.  This is what we call the swing by the lake.  For a second, let me imagine it’s my gravitational pull acting on you to create momentum back and forth. 
I am helping you pick up speed.  That is all I’ve ever wanted, to add to your life in such a notable way that you can feel the wind in your hair.  I love this act bringing the child inside of you out, as you swing your legs, back and forth.
Torrential downpours and other unexpected, natural messes being the only condition that could ever make us pack up and head home, settles my nerves.  I would smile even more thinking the clarity of atmospheres, rings around Saturn and gale force winds could only add to the moment of climate detention.  “I am busy benching.”  “I am practically giving lessons on how to overcome shyness, second guessing, tension in the line and my bobber disappearing for seconds at a time.”

Stick some gum on my paperclip-looking hook.  Chum these waters in anticipation of something much bigger lurking deeper.  Be a teacher extending your private lesson availability to the general public aka me.  Grieving season is, was and remains over.
After I decided to avoid nonsense, life got easier.   I was in the dark and the sun couldn’t even reach me.  Now, my bare chest ripples when I tense my fists.  Now, my echoes sound like mantras.  Now, I see the course again.  I’m ready to stay on track and make gains.  Rerack the balls, “Que.”  Mentioning you feels dangerous but at least I’m not tripping.  Let’s be “just friends.”  

Let’s keep our hour long face to face meetings going.  Let’s try breaking them into blocks.  Let’s practice serenading each other, reciting poetry in each other’s general direction.  We can try incidental eye contact while reading to inflate the sparks, again.

Cheerio’s and Whey Protein

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