MNF – My New Frontier

MI(e) = Seed Money
MY INTERESTS(effort) = Seed Money

Researching is not my biggest strength.  Still, finding particular opportunities, studies and events that feel like they were created for me does happen!

NOTE:  I plant a lot of seeds.  I water most growing fungi too.  It does excite me very much when I visibly see produce break the soil and earth’s crust.

Yesterday (4/20/2023), I registered to join The WCBB.  That is Wheelchair BodyBuilding!  Check out their site!
I really like their site.  I am waiting for an email to outline future steps.  Talking to my therapist yesterday, we concluded that even mimicking their output to the best of my ability completely on my own, recording it and sharing that (on my own site) will be more than enough. 

WE are at a new frontier.  I often hint to baselines, but benchmarks are now going to be taken advantage of.  It is Fri-yay, I just ate a bowl of Cheerios with a scoop of Whey Protein covering them.  This is a new day.  WE will now intentionally work to wiggle squares through circle holes.  I wouldn’t say EXPECT upgraded videos and output, but EXPECT increased and upgraded content, videos and output! 

Dry eyes lacking tears might get uncomfortable until you realize you have THE POWER and ABILITY to redirect sweat forming to re-perspire drought-ridden orifices.  Holla!  I’ll be getting some kicks off after I post this update.  I’m grinning remembering my new form-practicing pvc bar now has clips on either end holding the plates in place!   Future clips and tapes ought to contain me throwing bars from one end of my house to the other.  I’m about to over-sweat, replenish, regrow, add some protein and know my hard work is still paying off.

BIGGER LIFTS have been part of the equation the HDT.  Feeling whole is different.  I may need time to adjust but I feel lust coming over me.  I’m set to rededicate myself the these seedlings and teach persistence.  See Ya!

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