“Watch out for that semi!”  Now that I have your attention, feel free to overlook much of anything I share on my new page, Good Morning Entrepreneurs.  I just added the INVITE FRIENDS, $10 for you, $10 for me button to get some free bitcoin to the page.  It’s below the Get $200 free for opening an account button.  Step back from THE HUSTLE and LOVING POETRY for a minute.  Take a 10,000 foot view.  Think metacognitively.

Today, I’ll be reinvesting dividends.  My stock stacking moves to date have been more playing it safe, investing in low risk, dividend-paying stocks.  The world is changing.  Look up how many jobs are being taken over by robots these days.  Sure, robots and artificial intelligence are creating millions of new jobs, but they are also eliminating millions of pre-existing jobs.  

Rather than being displaced and at the losing end of the equation, investing in AI development and alike earlier compared to later, should make my dollars make up some of the foundation of all future development.  I’m planning to place a buy order for 10 shares of Guardforce Artificial Intelligence (GFAI).  GFAI’s 52-week high was just above $53.  When markets open, GFAI should be around $12 a share.  Even if it only returns to that high, that looks to be at least a 400+% gain.  Long term (5 year view), Guardforce’s higher high was above $160.  I can’t expect it to reach that pricepoint without knowing more about the technology and company.  I have optimism hearing anything about AI these days.  Either way, having a stake in the technology if it takes off, sounds pretty cool to me.  

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