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Shoutout to HeadstrongFit on Youtube!  I definitely cited and referred to your how-to video on Seated Deadlifts yesterday while coaching my CRT therapist through sets.   I liked how you got to the point and kept it simple.  We actually did deadlifts with the bar and deadlifts with the dumbbells, while seated. 

I am “technically” considered an Adaptive Athlete.  Sports, Lifts, Therapy..  They’re all synonymous for giving it my all, aren’t they?  I want to keep this post light and not get deep in metaphorical bliss for a change.  Call it “strictly business.”  I refer to all of the above as therapy.

Yes, I may have worked my quads a bit too strenuously yesterday citing the strained feelings putting weight into my right leg last night, but that will pass.  Today is a new day!  I feel great!  I look forward to digesting a few more tutorials in the near future to up my game and act like I know what I’m talking about in future content and videos. 
I intend on sharing success and citing other professionals in the field will add credibility.

TIME UNDER TENSION, T.U.T. has been on the tip of my tongue since that session.  We moved the doormat over to the squat rack before getting frustrated with reduced traction before we started.  I consider that great planning.  Look up Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (CRT), planning and other mental tasks is a huge part of that.  I was in a bad car accident when I was young.  That is behind me, let’s leave it there!

Being mindful of tension in my calves, quads, hips and lower back helped.  The fact that doing deadlifts seated eliminates my arms from doing too much is a plus, too.

Most recently, I’ve upgraded “the gym I live in.”  I invested in a squat rack and a weight bench.  Oh!  I also purchased a 15lb. Rogue Technique bar with 25 lbs in additional plates.
I am sipping on a cup  of Whey Protein that tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch right now.

Talk about piling positives on top of positives..  This is a momentum-building mindset!  While being specific, my morning circuits this week consisted of rounds of Front Presses with the homemade bar, sets of continuous punching on the bag, sit-to-stands and curls, presses and extensions.  #hadtogetthatinthere #IaintaplayerIjustcrushalot

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