STC Pinecone,

Stay The Course, love. Go around the curves flawlessly, lean in. Bob and weave through the maze of personal doubts and skepticism, please. It’s for your own good. I feel we still have a chance. I have no doubt we’re in good hands with you guiding and directing our next move. This ship, washed up and waxed will have our jaws hitting the floor, no doubt

Curls or Presses first? What will your destiny be? You gonna get that mean bicep pump in or will it be yo’ back throbbing at the end of your AM SESSION!? LET ME KNOW!
This is “strictly” business, ain’t it!? Wear it proudly. Tell the world in a way they’ll understand. Put your feet up, relax.
Trust the Lord and kick back. Stop worrying about the math adding up. Halt any sidestepping. Just confess, you’re head over heels for me too. Advocate for your wants. Meet me at my place so one step outside my back door is all I need to traverse.

I’ve never seen you dance, apply chapstick or spray one whiff of perfume on, in person. Schedule our reunification on the big calendar in permanent marker. Make it work, tell me where to meet you, how much cash to bring and what kind of creamer you’d like in your coffee in the morning. Fill in the dots. I’m not super clear, I understand how you feel. I’ve heard rumors. I hardly trust what I tell myself. If it’s not coming from you directly, my hesitancy might shine through.

I vote for tuning into some 90s-2000s R&B, especially while pumping iron. Tell frauds to watch it before I hit’em with a tire iron. I’m buying whole continents, North Shores and dune buggies. We’ll be riding entire landscapes trusting each other. Holding hands seems dangerous to suggest. Call off the dogs, and your mom. I can’t wait to be your man!

Drafted Love Note:
“Babe, I love you so much! As soon as I wrap up this creative writing and journaling, I’ll be counting reps into the tens over and over, and over again. I can see myself throwing that bar all over. Straight up is more my momentum. Forget missed trajectory and me taking the long way around the park. As soon as we’re strolling pushing strollers, I’ll be able to recollect on how late to the game I’ve been. As soon as I swoon and sweep you off your feet you’ll melt, ok? In my hands, I want concrete plans clearly blueprinting our fantasies. Get ready!

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