Le Bounce Back

Wake up, pee, drink a coffee and cranberry juice, eat eggs, get dressed, focus on work/ output/ motivational writing/ poetry, consider those I should have treated better/ send them energy and love.  Check.

I am eager to try the new Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavored protein I got yesterday.  I am looking forward to the Immuno Greens Fruit Smoothie arriving too.  Product/ protein actually tasting like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, surprising!  I will focus on strengthening and toning my body as soon as I finish my drinks and publish this post.  Curls, presses, deadlifts, sit-to-stands, stretches with the bar and bar work, watch out!  I definitely think this newer, updated and improved upon morning routine will serve me best!


I am excited to see how being mindful of what I put into my body will serve me, again.  “Pump, pump, pump it up!”  Sweatshirt on, knees bent, I am ambitious, graceful, poetic, humble and hungry for increased muscle mass, function and appearance.  “Let my wins fuel your wins.”  Chase your goals as often as you can.  Trust God, let bodies lie wherever they land.  Be a beacon, guide passing ships around your jetty.  Do not argue facts.  Accept them and adjust.  Move efficiently.  Pull anyone struggling along the best that you can. REACH OUT!  Let’s schedule your day in the lab with me!

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