My M&M’s

Cover blown.  Down-low mode: activated.  (My Mama’s ARE Married) revving his engine, awaiting instruction.  All future “misfortunes” set to look premeditated.  Check?  Check.

This week, my mishaps will be tallied as me being too hard on myself, being overly affectionate of the “wrong people,” forgetting which muscle group to pump, staying in my lane and choosing to stay in silo-mode. #calledit

I will paint a smile on my face and work to grow even more comfortable with the fact that allowing those that I wanted to grow old with evolve, find happiness without me, move up and on had to do so “WITHOUT me.”  #M&M

This week will feel like it’s happening all at once.  My ordered products should be in-house by tonight.  Tomorrow I will plan to start my day with a cup of water, a cup of green smoothie, a cup of protein and 30 or 40 sit-to-stands in the new rack!  #spotlessshoulders

Home Gym!


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