Dear Dan,

I’ll don you “Dan, the Ram!”  Learning you’re also a phys ed. teacher blew my mind, bud!
I appreciated your assistance looking up specs and numbers!  I am very excited about this last investment.  My Olympic bar looks official, doesn’t it!?

That is a 15 lb. Olympic training bar plus 2(10 lb plates) + 2(2(1.25 lb.))… I’m getting lost in the numbers.  That’s 15 lbs. + 20 lbs. + 5 lbs (I think!).  A 40 lb. Olympic bar (plus plates) to pump presses, eventually use to squat with and step up my seated curls with isn’t bad!

As we discussed, definitely share my blog with your students and reach out to discuss future training, Dan!  Thanks again!

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