PD:F – Public Disclosure: Format

1.  I push MYSELF mercilessly (too hard)! 
A. I often let self-induced pressure overflow and sharpen those around me.
2.  I frequently feel at risk being honest.
3.  Explaining things to me helps my nerves, social norms are NOT my strong point.
4.  I seek potential, with people, with independence, with finances, relationships and emotional security.  (I want to feel SAFER expressing myself)

NOTE: As I’ve documented recently, I have improved upon/ added to my home-gym to get more out of my physical ability  and welcome others to consider upping their ability WITH ME.

With this newer home-gym, I need to think ahead and plan my workouts even more.

Today is Thursday.  I pushed my legs hard yesterday (Wednesday) between standing tolerance and sit to stands.  (30 minutes of standing tolerance on top of 100+ sit to stands).  I do not feel bad about taking a knee and controllably letting myself to the floor knowing I would not make it all the way to my chair safely.
I will be targeting my chest and biceps on the rack today.  I will be sure to get some Bench Press and Incline Press in with my therapist.  Thanks again for the clamps, Steve!

I will plan around not hitting legs for at least 3 or 4 days moving forward. 
Th. – Chest and Biceps
F. – Triceps and Abs/ Lightweight and Rest
Sat. – Back and Shoulders
Sun. – Rest and Prayer

Today, while in the rack, I will intend on doing some standing bicep curls, bench press and incline press.  If it’s decent out, session today might conclude with getting a few laps around the park on the bike.

Tomorrow’s Triceps and Abs will most likely include incline tricep extensions with the dumbbells and my thumbs NOT wrapped around the bar.  If I have someone to hold my quads down so I can plant my feet sitting on that bench, doing sit ups on an inclined bench should be pretty easy.

Back and Shoulders Saturday are going to be fire.  Front Presses with the homemade bumper plate bar or in the rack sound great.  I’ve been indirectly nailing my back better than ever lately.  Those dumbbell deadlifts, back extensions and hopefully standing bent over rows are going to have me searching for my binky and “piwow” by 2p at least!

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