Stay Motivated! Keeeep Pushing!

I’m up, out of bed AFTER 6:30 today. I’m glad I rested fully. I went to bed early yesterday. What can I say? Working out in my home gym A BIT TOO HARD yesterday had me looking for my bed as early as 5pm.

Let’s step back, take in a wider view. Oorah!!!


We are going to be moving forward in faith! I was excited to stumble upon an ad for an upcoming local event this morning. I will be relaying any additional info I find as soon as I find it but it seems like a local ministry, Anchored Ministries will be hosting a mile long “fun walk” a stone’s throw from my backdoor.


This event being hosted by a ministry is the cherry on top.. I’ll tell ya, that fact is doing a lot to erase any self-induced guilt using my personal home and gym, history, higher calling and alike to make a bigger impact.  I’ve done the groundwork.  Fuze, be prepared to be lit!

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