“Get Hard!”

“Focus!”  “Keep Pushing!”  Tell yourself whatever you have to, to remain “thuggin’”  What’s that called?  It’s a mnemonic.  Straight up beat up, I’ll leave ya crying for not giving me an outlet like blogging!

I make wrong turns often on purpose.  Cover me with dirt, I’ll find my way out of any maze you put me, or lower me into.  Before long, you better start kicking back and enjoying the downward spiraling, the setbacks and the blank faces.  Leave them upset they didn’t verbally acknowledge the heat you’re brought to every amphitheater you left rocking on its foundation.

I JUST hit save!  It’s the intended daze you left them craving.  Running laps around “competition” never felt so good.  They’re MOSTLY all looney tunes, those fakes acting like they have the upperhand.  Chuck them all deuces.  Screw the nooses they took their time tying. 

Rip off your own freaking shirt!  Don’t take no for an answer, ever.  Tell the girls to take a number!  Don’t let distractions gum up the works, no matter what.  Strut and act like a batter approaching the plate.  Dig your feet in!  Grinning is not a sin.


I’m a day away from beefing up the in-house muscle factory I live in even more!  I got equipment stacked!  Yesterday, I had my therapist doing therapy at my crib.  It does not matter who counted louder!  


“He’ll get there,” is called reassurance.  Bring some of that to our next rendezvous!  Read in between the archived lines.  Tell me you see me once!  Please!  Rely on that inner voice repeating that mantra, over, and over, and over again!  Throw your legs around, not just weights.  Go around the line, tell them VIP gets straight in!  Every single time!  Recall gestures and felt feelings you would have loved to endure.  Use that in your gut as fuel, or gas to your incinerator.  You can’t blame yourself for the line of lined up followers being too long for the faint of heart.  Be smart.  Do what you love.  Define your parameters.  Tell them all that approaching you puts them in the danger zone.  Be your own supply of secret sauce.  Hint to the ingredients list only ever including LOVE.

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