I’m so glad we’ve discussed training together lately.  I’ve added to my home gym lately big time!  I’ll be working on breaking it in still today.  The following link will take you to the page I made to further define those ambitions.  I’ll be working on getting a quality clip or two using at least on one of the two.  I’m feeling working out between the real gym and mine will do us wonders.


At the structural gym, which is a mile down the road, we can focus on strength-building.  At my place, we’ll focus on form, working out with the homemade, lighter bars and dumbbells.  Feed off my enthusiasm, dude!  Working out and training in my book is therapy.  Welcome to the world of rehab, recovery and therapy!  In due time, we’ll get you sponsored and making some money helping others and packing muscle.

Thanks again bro!  Let’s look at our calendars and try to arrange a solid 1-3 day a week lifting schedule.  CLICK HERE to learn more about these sponsorships!  Get comfortable FLEXING in the mirror while you’re at it too!

My stats this morning:

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