Dude’s Got Barz And He’s Gettin’ More!

Ok Kyle, put the pen down.  You’ve been freestyling and documenting it all, all morning long. 
You’ve kept things rolling and you’re still pushing after all this resistance.  Pat your own back once! 
See, my next feat will hopefully include grabbing this newer Olympic-sized bar.  My house is already filled with too much gym equipment!  I’m not the only one tripping making their way from room to room.  I’ll brush that off all day, every day!!!  We got shedz.  Look out for a squat rack next, people!  Attaching rollers and maybe a tow rope so I can pull it into place in the carport sounds great.  Thanks!

I ate a nutritious lunch AFTER my morning sets today. I got it in don’t worry. 3 sets of 30 curls, 30 presses and 30 extensions on my days off shows my dedication.

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