Square One Ln.

Attn:  All You Reese’s Puffs

This past week has been one for the record books!  This oncoming freight train of a week looks like it will be another doozy.  If you can, please collectively gravitate towards one side of the bowl.  It’s very difficult for me to juggle all of you with one spoon all at once.  I insist you make it as easy as possible for me now that I’m actually hungry and looking forward to consuming y’all.  #plzzzz #dustmyshoulder

During tomorrow’s HOME WORKOUT session, I’ll wipe my chin then spit and stomp it into the ground!  Gym mats, hah, chuckles, one love!  Hoping schedules align I hope to be then heading to check out a piece of gym equipment so I can call in my US postal service reinforcements to get that delivered to my home.  I’d like to set that monstrosity up in the carport.

Tuesday, I will shine a light on this post and the effectiveness of my styled writing during STEPS.  I will bite my tongue and hold back.  I’ll force myself and my circular logic to fit into their square holes and brains.

Wednesday, I’ll be meeting with an investment strategist here at my place.
I am taking a breather from outpatient therapy for a few weeks to rest up, reboot, refocus and recalibrate.  I always come hard and come back stronger than ever before.  My strongholds C, M and AP love getting their poetry hand delivered and served on a silver platter.  Say less.

Yesterday, I got one of my queens to actually look.

I can only trust myself enough to share one (OR TWO) portraits today, or at a time.

To the batcave, Robin!  Let me work out all this built up stress, “frustration” and unexpressed emotion outta me!  REPS!  STEPS!  CHECKS!  TEXTS.  IT’S ALL SUSPENSE!

I’m in my lane AGAIN.  I feel free to ignite this molotov cocktail, throw it in my own lab and escape the headache by falling back, Jack!  I feel bold.  Books and mountains of poetry getting sold.  Avoiding fitting into any mold by deliberate choices and rocking the stockings hanging by the chimney!  Check in with me!  Steed!  If you can’t hear me whispering while yelling, just read the volumes of literature I’ve sent you!

Amber, my penpal, traveling the world. Met her on a social app.

Rachel, my NEW gal, pursuing modeling

Mary, my all-time fav, met her at college

Brittany is an old friend from my hometown

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