Let me form mesmerizing beats and rhythm punching your skin.  That gentle roar I know you sense when I enter the room is actually your heart anticipating a hello.
I want to hear from you first for a change.  I’ve made a fool of myself countless times talking to these walls.  I’ve written you novels, blindly sent roses, mock prepared linguini dinners, hurdled canyons, climbed towers, sought feedback, accepted my chances and have adored you continuously since before we even knew each other.
Rumors are a b!tch.  Hearing that the door remains open from your lips directly will soothe unsettled nerves.  I will benefit greatly from an assuring look.  A dampened lip will cause shivers to travel down my spine.  Tell me you got me, please.  I’ve been out of practice watering a full garden, but I anticipate seeing Lilacs bloom.  The pastures in my chest will pump as I refine their mass.  The no trespassing signs guarding my heart will fall with glee.  

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