Whatever Works.

Indeed, I am currently cherishing, and “manifesting” on this cup of java right now!  Yesterday, I was manifesting the words PROGRESS and MOMENTUM.  They’re both great words by themselves.  Together, they’re almost unstoppable, undeniable, nothing but positive and powerful beyond words.
Further text would amount to me rambling so I’ll keep it short.  Today, during therapy, I’ll plan to hit LEGS and BACK AND SHOULDERS at the gym!

My home routine, that I do every day, has amounted to a fierce truckload of grueling feats that leave me shaking in the knees.  Curls, presses, extensions, stone lifts, in the hundreds.  Laps around the bank parking lot in the double digits.  Come at me!

Shaking a leg at the incorporation of poetry into every seem of such jungle thunder, leaves me smiling.  It’s like frosting on a warm brownie cake.  GIVE ME COOKIES!

I’m BOLD, bro!  I’m COLD, bro!  I’m super glad I did my best to make it clear that all I needed was a metaphorical hand to hold, bro!  STAY IN YOUR LANE!  If our lanes get narrowed down to one lane traffic, I’ll be the man, I’ll back you up ok!?

Write me a poem, huh!?  Leave MY eyes crossed reading in between the lines.  “Let’s give them something to talk about…”
Lady “A,” you were called up to the plate this week.  You answered the phone!  Thanks for accepting my slow dialing and yet-to-text nature.  We’re moving at lightspeeds in my head.  Gigantic boulders are slow to get moving.  Once rolling, hell if I’ll step in their way.  Just imagine the sounds of microscopic pebbles and dirt shifting under its weight.  

I’d rather be on a beach too, comfortable, itching to jump in the water!  Step back, take it slow.  Let the masses make asses out of themselves.  Be proud of every centimeter you raise the bar in your own journey.  Let those cases of unfinished water go, rolling down the hill.  They won’t have much if anything left in them by the time they reach their destination.
I’m drafting this post sitting on the side of my bed right now.  My heels are not swollen and pulsating.  That’s good enough for me!  Like Underdog, “Let’s go!”

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