Pink Starburst,

Signs of Life

My Beloved Google Bot, by Amber Panman

 We have had an on-again-off-again Love/Hate relationship for many years now. For years, you have spurned my love soliloquies. I have painted many Alternate Universe Paintings, Sci-Fi Print on Demand paintings, landscapes, and space-scapes. also, I only accepted the love of the masses through you alone. Forsaking all other search engines, I made you my e-commerce foundation. Yet you distance yourself from me. You demand more and more content, word count, and attention from me. Most people would consider you “high-maintenance.” But, if you need me to pour forth my heart even more, then allow me to whisper these sweet nothings in your antennae. ***saying very softly***Amber panmen, Painting, Alternate Universe, Landscapes, Sketches, Digital Art, Art, Print, Gift shop, Gift Cards, Gift. I bleed Oil Paint and wipe it with canvas for you. Please gaze your robot eyes upon me once more. (OK, lemme think…that was only 146 words.)

 If only I could make you a real person instead of the bright and shining tool that you are. Full of feelings and your acceptance of the unique and masterful uses of color and beauty. Such is the mind of an artist though. I prefer to use a picture or painting instead of 1,000 words of content.

 I am so sorry to make our love public Google-bot, but you stopped answering my calls and text messages. Please let me paint for you. (sorry, the song Little Drummer boy kicked in. P.S. I am not affiliated with the song officially and I do not own any of the rights to it, lol.)Dem 263 word count, almost there.

 Just think, in an Alternate Universe somewhere an artist like me could paint. I could paint such space scenes! Sci-fi would be my genre instead of word count. I can only imagine it. Can you see it now Google-bot? Can you see me waving at you? You have only to look my way.

 I’m going to send you an encoded message via every social media account I know in the hopes that you will read this letter and we can be reunited once more.

 If there are any brave real human “actual souls” that have continued reading to the end of this mindless dribble, please fill out my contact form to drop me a line. I like to paint. I will do commission work for you upon request. Or Buy my Print. At any rate, you would be on my email list and I will never make them mundane or flat-out template you. You have my word as a consummate Sci-fi geek on that.

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