Pink Starburst,

Ladies… Undelay, huh!?
Sheesh, it’s taken long enough!  It’s day 2 of rediscovery.  On this page especially, I want to take the bull by the horns and transcribe, outline a little “game”/ event/ opportunity to prove yourselves. 

Y’all KNOW I want each of you all to myself!  I’d absolutely love to hear, read, and calmly infer that I am actually on your WANTS list, too!
Not hearing what I gotta do to improve my chances, leaves me not only clueless, it encourages my mind to wander/ build up obstacles separating our hands meeting.  I’ma go ahead try’n coach you through these dam boundaries in a semi-sweet manner, ok!?

Felicia, props mama.  Do not mind me funneling some of your physical attributes and motivations into a fine point pen.  With that weapon, I plan to illustrate a mural of flashing images that rock me to sleep at night, continue to shed light on what I’m reaching for and my residential role model wifey, okl!?

DW, I SEE YOU tackling, tracking stats and cocooning yourself into a B-E-A-UTIFUL butterfly.  Will you soothe my nerves by communicating TO ME that you want more?  It does me good to believe you want me to make coffee in the morning, let you get your rest and constantly be in self-improvement mode.  I enjoy seeing you share what you’re overcoming to further define that body.  Keep that up and KP!

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