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If you’re talking about the list of things I can’t do, that’s shrinking!  If you’re talking about my list of accomplishments, potential or Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), that’s not to be underestimated!  I’m doing more now than I ever have!  21+ years post life-altering injuries and I’m still making tsunamis out of gentle waves!

Progress is a process.  Sometimes you fall, can‘t get off the floor, or out of your own head, or way.  Good thing you Keep Pushing!  Being salty about your tendency to bounce back from everything life throws at you remarkably, can be tempting.  Leaning back and metacognitively fitting everything into a beautiful succession of steps CAN create a “top notch” mural.  Throw away the hesitations, fears and timidness.  Grind them all up and add them to your protein drink.  Appreciate the chalkiness.  Be mindful while struggling to swallow that beast-mode-elixir!

Write out your daily plan to overcome, carefully.  If it’s not getting your blood pumping and heart beating fast, I doubt readers will sense that either.  Being the strongest you’ve ever been is easy when all you have to do is be stronger than you were yesterday!  Soon enough, scheduling 5 minutes to yourself, to rest will be the REAL STRUGGLE!

Forget the woes, regrets and lost bets.  Embrace the test-like nature that life entertains as the usual.  Forgive quickly.  Don’t let stress accumulate.  Brush all of that mess off in a single wisp. 
Acknowledge what needs to be perfected, align effort and bloom accordingly.  Embrace Grace.  Learn from everything and give thanks much the same.  Stay smiling and give ‘em reasons to ponder how he or she does it with such class.  Laugh, then fall back.

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