Team Huddle/ Strategy Session.01  

Attention!  Attention!  Team, excuse my screams.  I’m still feeling the pump in my arms, 4-5 miles ON AN ARMBIKE.  Sheeeit!  Settle down!  Today is Wednesday.  I’ll be leaving in 60 for physical therapy and a chat with my favorite counselor since day one.


At some point today, a button on my sidebar will lead to this month’s fundraiser.  Our goal this month will be $2500 donated to the IM ABLE foundation.  I am already set for automatic $50 giving.  My next goal will be to get 49 more people to also chip $50 in every month.  TeamIBK organizing and facilitating monthly giving of $2500 a month, to the IM ABLE Foundation to start, will be our ongoing goal!
Don’t hold me to specifics just yet, this is brainstorming.  

That leads to our fund.  I’ve been padding that account for months already.  I am committed to communal progress.  I am wearing, and will be sporting my IM ABLE tee to both therapy and counseling today.  I am LIVE drafting this post.  It’s all good, I got water to sip on and jams getting me right in the head.  30 minutes until lift off ya hear!  Timer set!

Lemme publish this post so I can get to the car!  See ya then!

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